Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine's Projects!

Valentine's Day is less then a month away!! So I guess I should make some jewelry for Valentine's Day! Better late then never one would say........not me, I just heard that somewhere :o/

I went through all my beads to see what I could use for Valentine's. The only heart beads I had a clear. So I had to find red or pink beads to go with the hearts. I chose to make bracelets. Here is the start of one.

Here is the first one all done.

For the 2nd one I didn't have enough clear hearts so I found a long red bead to add to the middle.

When going through my beads I found some new Czech Glass Faceted Round Cranberry Beads 5mm that I bought a while ago on Etsy from http://www.etsy.com/shop/housewifegems . I really love the color of the beads. I was going to make a Tree of Life with them and never got around to doing it........only because I forgot all about the new beads because they were put away.

Here is the start of the Tree of Life!

Here it is all done!

Now for sale at:

I had enought to make a small Tree of Life too! I could make maybe another big one with what I have.

Thank you for checking out my new items!