Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh Sadie

This morning I woke up and did what I always do............run right to my computer to see if I sold anything on Etsy (remember bubble wrap makes me happy too). To my surprise, I had three sales! Ya they were to the same person, but I don't mind! I sold two of my wallpaper gift box sets, and one cardstock set. Then I realized, I have no more wallpaper ones on my site now that the two were sold. So the plan for the day is to make new boxes!! After I got them all glued up and sat on the couch all comfy under my blanket to cut them out. With Sadie by myside keeping me warm. She was kinda like this picture here only on the other side of me when I was cutting away. I wasn't paying attention to her as she was moving around.
Here is what I was cutting out,

and this is what Sadie was doing. She was pushing herself onto the side table that is a part of the couch.

Sadie fell asleep like this. She never sleeps on her back! She is half on the couch and half on the table.

She makes me smile.

I make her smile.....

Ok so I made her lip go up like that, but it made you smile!! I hope :O)

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