Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Made Something New

There I was all alone in the warm well lite craft/computer room with my cup of hot coffee that Josh got for me on a field trip. I had all my jewelry making tools and beads of all colors right there in front of me! When it hit me..........................................it didn't hurt because it was a thought. The thought was I have only made 3 pairs of hoop earring for my Etsy site. With all those beautiful beads I found some great combos for colors.

Ya it wasn't to hard just adding beads to the hoop. So I started to wrap the beads onto the hoops. I was using silver plated hoops and wire, with pink beads.

It was a little more work then just putting them onto the hoop! So much more fun! Or as I would say "funner"!!

Then I had to change it up a bit and use black wire on the silver plated hoop.

I think I really like the black wire.

Here are all three of my new hoops to be posted at some point.

I would love to show you the other earrings I worked on today but I made the same for the winner of the blog give away and I don't want them to see them yet! I will post them soon.

Have a great day and don't forget the smile :O)

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