Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Craft Project

I have been working on my jewelry and wood working a lot lately. I wanted to switch it up a bit so I'm going to make magnets. I start with Original Sculpey white oven bake clay. I use a cutting pad, cylinders to roll and cut out. I use a knife to cut and a metal ruler. I roll out the clay with one of my metal cylinder that I got from a friend who thought I could use them for something. They work great for this.

On these magnets I'm using stamps to press into the clay. You don't want to put to much pressure when pushing the stamp because you will get the side of the rubber on the clay. Other magnets I do I mold the clay into shape, flowers, what ever my mind comes up with.

I use another size cylinder to cut out the stamp imprint. I use these to get a great circle. I use a knife to cut around ones that I want to be odd shaped. I will use the metal ruler on it's edge to make stright line cuts.

I found an old cake pan to put mine in. You can use a cookie sheet

After they are done in the oven I let them cool then I paint them. I will post that part later.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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