Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Must Have!! Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI

I'm not one to push a product but I'm pushing!! I was never the girly girly when I was little. Now at age 35 I'm finding I love make-up and nail polish.

I found the must have for nail polish. I don't do my finger nails that often. When I do, I never wait long enough for it to set. Well ladies if your like me this is the nail polish for you!!!! Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI. I have tried "others" that say the dry fast and they don't dry fast enough for me. This Sally Hansen INSTA-DRI does!! I could not believe how fast it works. My first bottles were two from my huband. He was at the store and I text him to pick me up some fun nail polish......he rocks. He got me Co-Bolt Blue #320 and Magenta Motion #330. Before I had a chance to try them out I got one from my niece Emily that was Sonic Bloom #11. That was the one I tried first on my hands and I loved it. I then did my toes which is what I always have done up no matter what. I haven't had naked toes since.....ummmm.....7th grade! Ok wait I had to have naked toes when I had surgery, that it!

Here is the Co-Bolt Blue that I have

The other think I really like was how wide the brush is!! It takes no time at all with the wide brush.

Oh here is another brand I like.....Sinful Colors #293 Gorgeous. It doesn't dry fast but love the color.

With all these colors you are bound to find one you love!!!!!

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