Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pendents That Need Major Help

I felt like working with wire today. I wanted to make more pendents, and boy they need major help. I had no plan in mind just to sit down and let my hands take over. Well my brain should have taken over because my hands sure made a mess of things. It all started off great. I picked the glass piece I wanted. I made sure the wire fit around it and then my hands went at it.It took a little doing.....
and pulling but it worked out.
Now I was ready to work on another one. I pick out what I wanted to use, and let my hands take over once again.
Woohoo! Hammer Time!!
This is when my brain should have stepped in!! It looks good from the side but straight on......not so much. I think I will be ripping this one apart.
These are all the ones that I have done over the past few weeks. (weeks because of the Holidays) Like I said the white one is a no go. To tell you the truth......I don't like any of them.
While I work away my shadow Sadie (my dog) likes to be under my table that I'm working at. When I'm in the basement she does the same thing. I guess she feels safe that nothing is going to be falling on her if she's under there. :O) After awhile she wants to eat or go out and this is what she does. What a face.
She moves closer and closer until she is really in my way.
Come on mom.......you have to be done by now!
I love my shadow~

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