Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moving Right Along

The 1st half of the chairs are now done! They will be going back to the hospital Friday afternoon and we will get the next set of 12 to do before Christmas. Boy I just can't wait. I got to work on things other then the chairs today. I worked on a drop leaf table. Here is the top of the table that I had to biscuit joint and glue.

Here is the base of the drop leaf table. It also needed to be glued. The top will get placed back on and then finished.

We are also working on a Mahogany baby grand piano!! We just did a upright piano a few months back.

We never know what we will be working on! I love getting weird off the wall items. Like a plane propeller or a spinning wheel. If it's wood we more then likely can refinish it! :O)

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