Monday, April 4, 2011

Coming Soon!! & The Making Of....

This weekend I went crazy making bookmarks! I also did a few earring, bracelet, and necklace set!!

I had beads flying everywhere. If you look in the middle of the blue tray to the left, you will see a bounch of mixed beads. Those are my run away beads. Those are the beads that have a mind of their own. They run off my craft table and find themselves on the floor. I pick up what I can find of them at the end of the day and put them into to the blue tray. After getting enough in the tray I make a Run Away Bead Bracelet!!

The bracelet on the left is one of the Run Away Bracelets! The other two were planned.

Here some pictures of two different necklaces being made. One has the green beads wire wrapped, the other one is just placed onto the beading wire itself.

Doesn't the necklace set above look like a face....weird...I don't like it.

I love the way the blue/green beads look with the copper on this next set. I made a set for myself!! I'm wearing them right now!

Another face above!!

Here are some blue/green bead silver earrings
Here are only three of the bookmarks I made. Starfish, Love, and Believe. These will be going into the basket for Basket Parties!!!

More painting boxes will be posted!! Not sure if I'm going to do like the gift set bucket and handbag...what do you think I should do??

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