Monday, May 27, 2013

Frisbee Fun

I got a few shots of things other then the family playing Frisbee first. Lacey laying under the lilac bush. She is such a beautiful dog.....when she's not full of mud!
 Dragonflies on the lilac bush. I couldn't believe how long it stay for me. The wind was blowing which made it alittle hard to get the shot.
 This one was just hanging out too.
 A small type of bee on the lilac bush.
 The whole family was playing Frisbee but I was unable to get shots of everyone. Here we have Lacey and Nate. Lacey looks like she is running into a invisible wall.
 I had to laugh at all the pictures I took of my son Josh. He is the one in the Angry Bird pants. The pants weren't the reason I kept laughing. It was because of all the face expressions he would make while playing.


We all had so much fun. Who know we would all get such a kick out of playing Frisbee!! 

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