Saturday, March 2, 2013

My Favorite Space In The House

Last week on a storm day I stayed home and clean my whole basement. My workshop/craft room was one of the long over due clean up projects!! I moved everything around to make the space more usable. I hung up my tack boards finely. One is for projects I'm working on and order details. The other one is for all beautiful notes, letters, and cards at people have sent me about their orders. So it's a uplifting board.
Around my whole work space I have uplifting sayings. I also have toys and items from my past. When looking at them it fills me with joy. Who doesn't want a workspace that inviting and makes you feel happy.
Having this space is something I have always dreamed of. I know some people think it's silly, but I have always been crafty and wanted a space that would help that. Thanks to my husband, he made my dream come true!! I couldn't have done this without his help making my bench from my craft area. Now he is going to me working on another bench for my tool and woodworking area. Can't wait because I will be able to hide more of the tools and what have you, to make the space more inviting and not so over whelming like the picture below. We also plan on getting a cabinet for my fabric so it won't get so dusty.
Today we are going to be mudding the walls down to the basement. It's a long over due project that we keep talking about. I don't want it to feel like your walking down to a basement. I want it as a part of the house and living space. We have made the other side of the basement the game/party room.

We are slowly getting there. We have been here 5 years and are making this our home.

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