Monday, July 2, 2012

Phone Stand

I found this cute phone stand at a yard sale this past weekend. It was only $10.00!! I saw it and had to grab it.
 The top wasn't to bad. It was a little scratched here and there. The body needed to be glued bad.
 I knocked it all apart. Along with hitting my thumb really bad. Words came flying out of my mouth it made the dog scared. It bubble up with blood.....really cool.
 After I got over my thumb I sanded the top. I liked the green color that is was. To tell you the truth it was almost the same green I use. So all I did was sand so some spots to let the wood show through.
 I clamped it all up. With the help of my husband because the clamps are wayyyyy to long. I have been using my brothers and really need to get my own but smaller. This is like a foot wide stand and the clamps are 5 feet.
 Here it is all done.
 The top looks almost the same. All I did was wiped the golden oak wax on it.
 I love it!!! I really would love to keep it, but I really have no room at my house for it. :O( So to The Secret Garden it will go. https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Secret-Garden-Flower-And-Gifts/204888254311

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