Thursday, June 28, 2012

Valspar Spray Paint

I am in love with the Valspar Spray Paint. I keep finding things to spary. It brings such life to everything it sticks to. They come in so many different colors and dry super fast!

A metal table my husband found on his way home from work at a yard sale. It was just plain white. It's been sitting in the basement for over a month.
Some red spray paint and it has life!!
 Doesn't that look a lot better then just plain white. Now people can see it from the road with the teal blue pot on top against the green bush.
 Can you see them? Well from the road you sure can't. Look alittle harder, come on you almost have it......yep butterflies. They are a dark green and very hard to see from anywhere.
Now you can see them!! I was thinking of maybe painting the butterflies yellow. What do you think??
 I love how all the color is popping in my garden now.
 This is one that was plain white and needed to change.
Not to different but I like it.
 I know I posted about these already but for those who missed it. My old plain Jane pots.
I love my new light pole tipy plant pot.

You know you want to get your own colors and spray something!!! Try it!!! You can't go wrong. If you don't like it.......pick another color.

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