Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tipsy Plant Pots and Valspar Spray Paint

Here is my first Tipsy Plant Pots!
 I found this idea on Pinterest. As you can see it was all done in the same color pots and same flowers. I wanted to have a little more fun with mine.
I took some of my old pots that were faded and just to plain. I washed them up really good.
I had such a fun time at Lowe's picking out colors. I used Valspar and LOVED it. I could not believe how fast it drys. It sprayed out great and didn't run. I was able to do two coats right away. They have so many colors to pick from too. It is interior and exterior.
 I picked what color I wanted to pots. I didn't want to mess up which colors I wanted so I placed the cans right in the pots. You have no idea how easy I can mess things up :O)

It's hard to see that the half painted blue pot is on a garden stake in the ground. That way I could walk around the pot and spray.
Once the outside of the pots were sprayed I flipped the pots over onto a piece of cardboard and sprayed the top of the inside about 2 inches down.
 Then it was time to go to my favorite green house in town. Young's Green House! Please check out their site at http://www.theyoungsgreenhouse.com/

 Josh was a big helper and pushed the cart.
 These are the flowers we picked out.
 I didn't want to use just a big pot on the bottom. So I use an old wash tub that we had wood in by the fire pit. I drilled a hole big enough for the pipe to fit through. The pipe is there next to the drill.
 All the pots had to be drilled too.
 My husband John was a big helper getting the pipe into the ground.
 We stacked and filled the pot.
 Then added the flowers and a solar light at the top. I want to do a watering can at the top but I have not found the right one yet. Maybe I will stick with the light?! What do you think I should do?

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