Saturday, May 12, 2012

York Maine Mother's Day Weekend

My husband & son took me to York Maine today. The start of Mother's Day weekend. Yep I get the whole weekend hehehe. They both know I love the ocean.
 The flowers were everywhere. I should have taken more pictures of them.
 The houses and buildings were beautiful too. I wanted to take more pictures of them too but on a lot of the roads we were on there was no safe place to stop and take pictures.
 We had so much fun. Josh running up and down the beach. We found a ton of flat round rocks and shells for me to wire wrap!!!
 Josh was all over the rocks and just having a blast.

 I love this color green. I see a heart in this picture.
This is my favorite picture! I love how the wind is blowing the tops of the waves.
 Here is a bike I feel in love with. I really wish I could get it. I could soooo see myself riding around on this.
 Josh feel in love with this one!
I had such a great time with my boys today. They mean the world to me. They make me who I am. They fill me with so much love.

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