Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trees Of Life

Let the fun begin!!
I packed up all the stuff I needed to make the trees and went outside to enjoy the sunshine.
 I made the rings and added all the wire that forms the trees first on all 8 of them.
Then I added the glass bead to all of them and twisted them all into the start of the trees. Did you know when leaving glass beads in the sun that they get really really hot. Hehe... When I was done doing that it was time for me to go back into the house. I was getting a little too much sun out there too. 
I went inside to do the rest of the beading. It was better that way because I need to have the small beads in little bowsl, so the coffee table worked really nice. These are what I made. The picture isn't that great.
I have to figure out how to get my camera to take a picture of the item and not the background!!

This red, white, and blue one looks so much better then the picture shows.
I'm hoping to be making some more today!

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