Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Cleaning + Trash Day = Fun For Suzie

I love spring cleaning my house. Getting rid of all the stuff we don't need or use. Making space for new items and making rooms more bright. I found out that I really really LOVE it when other people spring clean their houses!!!! I would always have my husband find the good stuff on the side of the road. I was to much of a chicken to get out and grab the stuff, but times have changed!! Last week on my way to work my boss called me to tell me there were two chairs on the side of her road and I would love to refinish them. So I drove up her road and found them. I looked around to make sure no one was around. I pulled up right next to them and jumped out, opened my slider on the van and through them into the backseat. These are the two chairs.

At the end of the work day I had to drop off Brian my co-working at my boss's house. On the way up her road and this time there were two more chairs but on the other side of the road. When I pulled into her driveway I got out and moved the two chair from the back seat of the van into the way back so I could drive up to the two new ones and through them into the van. This is one of the chairs. The other one is just like it. I'm thinking of keeping these for myself. Now I just need to find two other chairs that match so I can have them for my kitchen! I'm going to match the fabric and paint the chair the same color. 
So the next day on my way to work my boss calls me again and tells me about another chair that I would love. I go on the road she said it was on and had to drive by it because there were people walking right there. Remember I'm a big chicken but I really wanted the chair so I drove around the block. I stopped and grabbed it. Woohoo!!! So cute!
A few weeks ago my boss happened to be helping a woman take things out of her car that she was having redone at my work. There was one chair she wasn't pulling out. My boss asked if she was having that one redone too. The woman said no she was just going to get rid of it. So my boss asked if I could have it. Love it!!!
 Today I found another great find!!! The building I work in has other businesses that are cleaning out there rooms. Out back of the building today was this! The picture isn't great.

It has 15 spaces for draws!! There are a few draws missing but that doesn't mean anything to me. Here are some of the draws. They have thick glass fronts. Some were a job to get out but my husband and I were able to do it. It was out in the rain so it needs to dry out. In the draws that were hard to get out, there were tools and parts to machines. I'm going with the guys who put this out back couldn't get the draws open and didn't want to waste time trying. I just don't give up. :O) There were more parts of machines that I didn't get a picture of. I'm sure I'll find a project to add them too.
I plan on using this for my scrap booking paper and wallpaper scraps in the spots that don't have draws and scrap booking and stamp stuff in the draws.

I also found pads of papers. Termination papers :O(
This one says Paris! I think it's for the town of South Paris Maine but not sure.
 I am sooooo happy with my finds from the past two weeks.


  1. Well that was your lucky chair day LOL!! You'll have to send me a link when you get the chairs finished and LOVE that cabinet thing!!

    1. Yes very lucky to come across the chair. I will send you the link when I have them done. I can't wait to work on the cabinet! I love your work. I follow your blog.