Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beautiful Weekend

My weekend started off by cleaning the house then working in my gardens Saturday. I have been doing really well with keeping up with the weeding. Flowers are popping up left and right.

 Then it was off to my brothers house to help put the dock in. I really didn't do much but John helped him.
 Only my brother had to get into the water.
 This is one of the friends that live around the rocks by the dock. I don't sit around there like the kids do. I HATE spiders!!
 The sun was beautiful when it started to set.

 We were able to get the boat just before the sunset. We went for a short first boat ride of the season. This is my niece Emily and my nephew Nate. The ride was a great way to end the day.
 Sunday I went back to the lake but this time we took Sadie. This was Sadie first swim of the season too.
 Glen caught his first fish of the season and so did I!!

 Sadie enjoyed the boat ride too!

 On our way home just down the road from my brothers house we saw a beautiful doe. She slowly walked into the woods and turned and just looked at us.
 Then she started to eat the leaves off the tree.
It was a great weekend all and all. The only part that sucked was my son wasn't there. He was at his fathers for the weekend. So maybe next weekend he will be able to hang at the lake.

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