Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Day and Cookies

We got snow today! Enough to call off school. I think we got over 7". I thought my day would be hanging with Josh but he went over to his friends house to hang out. I keep forgetting I'm not 13 and cool lol. He had a great time.

So when he was out, I felt like making cookies. The snow falling outside just made me want to bake. If you don't know me........that hardly happens. I don't care of cooking or baking. I have no idea why. I love to eat and hanging in the kitchen. Well I took out the good old mixer and went at it.
Yummy Chocolate Chip!!! Melt in you mouth yummy!

Then Pumpkin Spice! Yummy too!

I also cleaned the house and worked on Gift Boxes that are in the post below!

It was a great day today!!

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