Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Beautiful Picture Day

It was so beautiful out today I needed to get out there and take some pictures. John, Josh, and I spent some of the day driving around just checking things out. Then after Josh and I went snowboarding at my mothers house. It's a very small hill but great for us to start on. Josh has it down.......and I did a lot of falling down.

Here is a great picture of Lacey my mothers dog. Josh and I just before boarding. Lacey and Sadie on the run! Lacey is so young she is way faster then poor old Sadie.

Sadie is always RIGHT there!! This is just seconds before they knocked me over.

Mount Washington. Lookingf onto West Paris Maine.

Wind Turbines in Roxbury Maine.

A 240-foot wind turbine tower on Record Hill.

The next two pictures are from our local paper. This give you an idea how big they are. This is only a part of one turbine tower.

We tried to see if we could get closer but didn't know what roads to take. So now we are going to look it up online and find the right roads to take. Josh loves stuff like this.

We found this on our way out there.

So all and all we had a great family day together!

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