Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Pendants

The weather here in Maine has been up and down. I have been able to get out when the sun was out to take some pictures of the new items!! Love the warmer weather. Taking picture inside by the window just isn't the same as getting right out there.

Here is one of the Trees of Life. I painted some wooden blocks and scuffed it then waxed them to have some great background for my jewelry. I'm going to do some boxes to sell the same way. I'm even thinking of doing shelves. The Tree of Life is on the blue wood block.

Here is a new mix bead pendant. This one is on the green wood block. Here is the blue glass bead wire wrapped pendantI'm not to sure about this pendant. John seems to think someone will want it.I was also able to take pictures of the new bookmarks too!

We are in for some rain Wed so I think that's when I'm going to sit at my table and come up with some new ideas. Today the sun is shine so I'm going to get some pictures done and just enjoy the sun!!!

Have a great day everyone!

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