Monday, March 7, 2011

A Friend Asked...

"Was painting your first love, before jewelry making?" I never really thought about it until she asked. I guess it was!! I wanted to show her stuff that I worked on over the years. Some as far back as 12 years ago. Some not so good, but one I'm so proud to show off. We will start with the not so good first.
All these photos are taken of the original photo because my scanner didn't work.
This is one that's not so good. I don't know why anyone would want to buy this?? The letters suck, and the rest of it is, well blaaaa.

This shelf is painted with dark green, sanded, and then waxed. I really enjoy doing the waxed ones. This are painted and sanded very little just to make them look used. I then waxed them with a light color wax to age them.

Same for the cats.

These were cut out piece from furniture that I made. I tried to use every piece of wood for something.

Painted green, sanded, painted flowers, then waxed.

Same only this time added fabric and buttons with a hot glue gun.

This is scrap piece from the furniture.

A lot of scrap.

I know way to many ghost and friends. There are made from white sheets. Yes I even sew a little. They are stuffed and bring on the hot glue gun for buttons and ribbon, and a magnet on the back.

These are made out of cookie dough, then painted.

Cookie dough.
Cookie dough and one wooden one.

Don't ask.
I really liked making these. Cookie dough. They sold like hot cakes.
Painted, sanded, and waxed.

After: Two coats of paint. Yellow then blue, sanded then clear coat finish.

This is one of my favorite projects I have ever done. I did it for a friends daughter. So wish I could have found one for Joshua.

And there you have it. I guess I did like to paint before making jewelry!!!


  1. Wow! I had a good time looking at all that you've done, and thank you for posting it. It was like walking through the Museum of SusanArt.

    I bet you know what I'm gonna say! Will we see some of these on etsy too? The painted cutout animals, the welcome signs, the blue chest of drawers - ALL gorgeous! (Maybe a second etsy shop someday?)

  2. Thanks Jacqueline!!
    I don't know if you will see these on Etsy. I never really thought about doing that!! Maybe they would do better then the jewelry! Do you really think the cut out animals would sell?