Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Must See

I know most of you already know about the Etsy.com that follow this blog. For those of you that don't it's a website that sells handmade items. I sell my jewelry and other craft on there. I also buy my jewelry supplies from the Etsy site.

The other day I was checking out other shops just for the fun of it and came across a shop that I found so cool. I mean this shop rocks.....in my mine maybe not your.

As a kid we would watch scary movies and the ones I found that just freaked me out were one's with dolls like all the Chucky movies, and Cat's Eye. Still to this day I hate dolls. So glad I had a boy!!! When I looked at this shop that was the first thing I thought was Cat's Eye. The shop name is Tom Deadstuff's Oddities. Tom says " I am always trying to create fun and evil items, some more evil than others. Every piece is made from scratch with my own two hands (no extra charge for the fingerprints). I hope you enjoy everything as much as I enjoy making them. The zombies measure approximately 28" tall, 19" wide, and 9" deep. Hangmans noose is included with every pinata."

Now the other thing that makes his shop so cool is that Tom tells a story for each creature! What a great selling point. It makes you feel as if the creatures are real......or are they already?? Each creature has a name and great detail!

My favorite creature is Lint:

This is the story that comes with Lint:

Lint is approximately 7 inches tall and is just about the cutest and loneliest creature out there. He hangs out underneath the bed all day and herds the dust bunnies like a little shepherd. He is not house trainable but you can catch him snuggling up to you during nap time. If you cant find him under the bed, check your laundry hamper!

Now that you know about Lint you really need to check out the other little guys in Tom's Shop!!!! You never know you just might find the perfect little creature for you home or friend!!

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