Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gifts for Friends

I had to make some gifts for friends of mine. What better time to do it then today!!

One friend that got a pair of earrings wanted to know if I could make a matching necklace. "Sure I can" I told her about 3 weeks ago!!!! Maybe even more....SORRY!!!!

These are the earrings.
Picking out just the right beads to go where I think they should go. You would think I would have a plan.....but nope I just go with what I feel at the time. I dropped my tool right onto the tray of beads, they went flying everywhere. I had to lay them all out again. I hate when that happens! The cat's on the other hand LOVE it!! All the beads that I can't find the cats some how do in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping. I wake up to them batting them around on the kitchen floor. Those beads sure fly good across the floor. Anyways.

Here is the necklace all done!! A very simple and light necklace. :o) Here is the other necklace I made her.

Thank you for taking a peek!! Enjoy your day!!


  1. What a lucky friend she is. Beautiful earrings and necklaces!

    I laughed when I read about the cats finding the beads on the floor and playing with them while you're trying to sleep. : )

  2. I'm glad you got a laugh out of it Jackie.