Friday, January 14, 2011

More Earrings!

This week I got to work on some more earrings!! I really need to start to stock up! I'm hoping to be doing a few crafts shows this summer, but I need to start making money to get more supplies to make more. lol In time it will all work out. I have heard some many nice compliment about my work! THANK YOU!!!! It does make me feel better about trying to sell them! This is where I pick out what beads to use. I never know how I'm going to make them. It just comes to me when I'm sitting there.

Here are some of the new ones!

The fun mixed colored ones:

Green and Brown Stone:
Red you have to have some Red I was told:

Yellows and Browns:

Blues and Purples:

Pinks and Blues:

So that all I have for now! You can check out my www.Etsy.com/shop/poiriers to see what ones are already for sale!!!

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