Saturday, January 29, 2011

I pick out the two that look the best together. A lot of the beads are a different even it they look the same. One might have a little more swirl then the other. So I really try to find the matching pair. I cut the wire to the size I need. I'm find that I use more silver then gold. I think it's because I wear more silver, and if I like the item I make.....I make one for myself.

This is the start of the wire being wrapped.

Here are the earrings all done, and yep I made a pair for myself in gold!!! lol
Thank you for taking a look. They are now for sale!

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  1. Love your work!! This is Mary from Garden Whimsies by Mary (Stacy's friend). I'm now following your blog. Here's mine if you have time to visit me